Before attending l'Ecole de cirque de Québec, Anna was a wilderness guide in New England, Québec Province, and South America.  That was when she discovered how fullfilling working in a community could be.  She has always liked being physically active and traveling; once she found circus, she felt she had found her calling.  

Anna's favorite part of watching and doing circus is working with groups, because she finds the way people interact with each other to be endlessly fascinating.  She loves creating and playing with other people, and is a strong and versatile group member. She believes that strong group work on stage recreates the universal experiences between people in real life.



Born in St. Petersburg just months after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pasha got a break early in life when his dad won a U.S. diversity visa lottery and brought the whole family with him to New York. Pasha spent the next sixteen years studying for a career in Computer Science, with side forays into competitive sports: chess, rock climbing, rowing, and eventually adult gymnastics.


One day, having dropped out of college to work as a programmer, he discovered partner lifts/acrobatics as part of a dance collective in the Boston area. He immediately fell in love with the discipline. In a fortunate turn of events, he met Anna at a gymnastics place nearby, and the two of them decided to pursue hand to hand together. Five years later, they have graduated from Ecole de Cirque de Quebec and are excited to share their passion for hand to hand and group acrobatics with the world.



January, 2019

Invited to present one of our numbers, Hell of a Night (cabaret version), at Turbofest 2019, one of the largest juggling festivals in North America. 

Photo: Norbi Whitney.

Cabaret Zmâla
November, 2018

Presentation of an early version of our number, Hell of a Night, at the quarterly show of Caravane Coop, Cabaret Zmâla. Collaborated with live musicians to create a unique ambiance for the Glamour-themed show.

The Castell Project
June, 2016

Took part in a number in collaboration with the Boston Circus Guild, inspired by the human tower building tradition of the Catalan. One show at the Clark Museum in Williamstown, Massachusetts. 

December, 2018

An act about a crazy doctor and his patient choreographed by Santi Esviza and Theddy and Gian Nardun. Presented as part of the ECQ En Scene presentations in December 2018.

Mes Potlucks
June, 2018

A street show creation with seven other students from our graduating class at ECQ, at the end of the second year of study. Eight performances around Quebec City over three weeks.

February, 2016

Invited to present our act "Triangles" at the second annual juggling convention at MIT (later renamed Boston Juggling Festival).

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